Is this disorder a disease?

No, the Syndrome is a symptom, it is not a disease. As far as this disorder is concerned there is nothing wrong with the brain.

How did I develop the condition?

You modified some conductual and cognitive patterns

Can I 100 per cent recover and how long will?

Yes, it is reversible, but both the recovery and the time it will take depends on the response of the musician to the recovery work.

What happens when I decide to work with you?

The recovery sessions are one to one and can be live or through video-conference, they must be booked at least one month in advance.

When the sessions are live and musicians come from other countries I normally set appointments for 5 days in a row. Once this intensive work on which the basics of the work are set, monitoring classes will be set for once or twice a month until recovery is quite advanced. Obviously it will depend on each case.

When the musicians come from Spain, classes are normally set every fifteen days.

When classes are through video-conferencing only, a brief video showing the disorder is required as visual documentation.