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The musician’s dystonia

Professional musicians are susceptible to a number of working conditions, including focal dystonia of specific tasks. Dystonia is a disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions and postures.
The term focal indicates that dystonia is a unique and specific area of the body. The task-specific term indicates that symptoms only occur when the individual is completing a particular task, such as playing a musical instrument.

Joaquin Fabra

Graduated in the specialty of trombone and euphonium.
He enrols the Madrid Symphony Band in 1982, and due to unadequate guidance, he rapidly starts finding trobles when taking the air in as well as releasing it. His diafragm is parcially contracted, his glottis closes and the embouchure gets acutely disconfigured. Though he practices an average of five hours a day things seem to go worse and worse and playing the instrument becomes a tedious and hated task. His capacity to perform diminishes dramatically, but he keeps trying, making efforts impossible to quantify by all those who fortunately have never gone through an experience like his.
After looking for information he realizes that’s he is suffering a movement disorder that names “Embouchure Dystonia”, such as it is known nowadays. But he inmediately disagrees with the cause that the medical community atributtes to it, cause he experiences the disorder only when performing with the instrument than not on the mouthpiece.
He started a long pilgrimage searching for an answer that never arrived though he had asked for advice among world-renowned musicians and teachers.
His disorder becomes a vital experience that needs an answer and the author becomes the subject and object of hiw own research. For years he´ll develop a therapy to solve his problem and, later on, by 1986 he´ll start working with musicians who are going through similar traumatic experiences.

Video 1: FLAUTA

Muchos podrán pensar al ver este video que esta joven flautista está haciendo las muecas a propósito y esta será una conclusión completamente alejada de la realidad.

Video 2: TROMPA

Es difícil ponerse en el lugar de este buen trompista, y mejor persona. Imagínate que un buen día comienzas a experimentar movimientos extraños en la embocadura que no…..

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Video 3: VIOLIN

Una enorme preocupación en su último curso de conservatorio a consecuencia de las exigencias desproporcionadas de su profesor ademas de disponer de muy poco tiempo……..

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Este fue un caso especial por lo poco habitual. El músico llego por si mismo a la conclusión de sufrir una Distonía focal después de investigar todo lo referente a trastornos del movimiento……

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In this way of art, creativity and realization that the Music is, I’ve had the privilege to meet people whose talent and wisdom leave a permanent print and Joaquin is without any doubt one of them.

Long ago I had heard about him, always fine, but frankly, the praises fell short.

His knowledge of the mind and human soul goes beyond mere erudition, and is supported by the experience of one who has walked through complex routes to deepen on the esencial, the point that matters.

His therapy or treatment seems like true alchemy that brings about a deep transformation of psychological patterns, fears, conflicts and all types of troubles. Joaquin not only guides, helps and offers answers, he also pushes you through a way that will bring you much more than you were looking for.

Consciousness leads us to wisdom and concerning Art, both the therapist’s and the patient’s must interact as a whole. So, before Joaquin’s work I recommend to open your senses, the heart and the mind, to get disciplined so that the magic connection happens.

Chema Vilchez