-Testimonio A Bates

«To Joaquín Fabra, for shedding light towards freedom of expression without attachments, unknown corners of the soul.»

Raul Fraile

-Testimonial Raul Fraile

In this way of art, creativity and realization that the Music is, I’ve had the privilege to meet people whose talent and wisdom leave a permanent print and Joaquin is without any doubt one of them.

Long ago I had heard about him, always fine, but frankly, the praises fell short.

His knowledge of the mind and human soul goes beyond mere erudition, and is supported by the experience of one who has walked through complex routes to deepen on the esencial, the point that matters.

His therapy or treatment seems like true alchemy that brings about a deep transformation of psychological patterns, fears, conflicts and all types of troubles. Joaquin not only guides, helps and offers answers, he also pushes you through a way that will bring you much more than you were looking for.

Consciousness leads us to wisdom and concerning Art, both the therapist’s and the patient’s must interact as a whole. So, before Joaquin’s work I recommend to open your senses, the heart and the mind, to get disciplined so that the magic connection happens.

Chema Vilchez


-Testimonio Chema Vilchez


In October 2013 all of my playing fell apart within two weeks until I could not play simple chords on the guitar anymore, because my ring and pinky finger would curl into the palm without me being able to control it. Shortly after a neurologist diagnosed me with Focal Dystonia and told me I would never play again.
Never playing again was totally unacceptable and I was determined to overcome this challenge and so the search began. I found doctors and therapists who promised help by injecting Botox, but luckily I didn´t not choose to work with them.

In hindsight picking Joaquin Fabra saved my life as a musician, because he is the only guy who can prove that he cures people (check out the videos of his Youtube channel).
And by results I don´t mean a slight improvement of the condition – I´m speaking of curing it completely, having it totally gone!
If you are open, have the right mindset and are willing to put in the work, you cannot only get back to normal playing, but I firmly believe that going through this experience can make you a better player than you were before, because the therapy raises your awareness in so many levels, which then translates into all aspects of your playing.

Joaquin Fabra saved my life as a musician, helped me to better understand myself, my relationship to the instrument and became a great friend during the journey – without Joaquin that would have been it for me.
Thanks for saving my life as a musician and becoming a friend!»

-Derek SteepSinger-Songwriter

Joaquin Fabra helped me to understand what the dystonic syndrome really is and he gave me the tools I needed to do what seemed to be impossible. It has been a privilege to work with him and a blessing to have my musical life back again«

-Tomas Cabrera Drummer New York