Incapacity to control the tongue to produce the sound:

· The tongue gets stuck to the palate

· Tonguing becomes dull

· The tongue muscle suffers exhaustion due to over effort which then affects the neck muscles and jaws.

· The tongue seems enormous and heavy

Incapacity to shape the embouchure:

·The lips can’t find their position on the mouthpiece

· The lips hit the mouthpiece involuntarily causing pain

· The muscles of the embouchure seem to function independently and chaotically creating wry faces

· When trying to produce a sound, the embouchure muscles contract impeding the correct position

· Tension in the face is evident

· Tension inside the mouth can even hurt teeth structure

· Apparent loss of sensitivity in the lips and embouchure muscles

Respiratory system:

· Difficulty in breathing air in and out

· Irregular tension in abdominal muscles and diaphragm

· Glottis impedes the air flow

· Sensation of respiratory anguish and chest tightness

-Spasms or cramps which prevent the musicians fingers getting in touch with the keyboard

-Tremors that disconfigure posture when the hands get near to the instrument, it may affect the wrist or finger or both simultaneously

-Exacerbated finger pressure on the keyboard which afterwards impedes the fingers to extend spontaneously.

-Difficulty in finger articulation

-Some of the fingers falls on the key with an exacerbated pressure

-The thumb finger is dull

-Difficulty in measuring the distance between the keys

-In some cases partial paralysis of one or several fingers

-In some cases we see development  of  writer´s cramp or difficulty in picking up things…

-Generalized tensión and exacerbated sweat